Jan 2020

- Tour dates are starting to come in Keep your eyes open!

- Rumor has it we are on Satellite radio! Is this true? hmm

Dec 2019

- I Put A SpellOn You #16 on Global Rock & #115 on the Global Independent Charts and rising! What an awesome gift! Thanks so much for listening and to all the stations for the streaming support!

- Tune in to CBC Montreal today at 2:30 PM Eastern for the Special Ops New Year’s Eve special with host, Duke Eatmon! https://www.cbc.ca/listen/live-radio/1-383-lets-go

- Amazing evening at Foufounes Electriques you guys are all nuts!!

- I Put A Spell On You video is out! go check it out - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmS6ohH0BmE

Nov 2019

-Thanks to all your support, we are really close to charting! Help us chart by keeping up the momentum we are only 200 album sales short!

-"Blood and Tears" is now available for pre-order at https://specialops1.bandcamp.com/album/blood-and-tears!

Get early access to two of the tracks and as a bonus for ordering the CD, you'll also receive a bonus entry to the party, November 24th at Foufounes Electriques!!

- I Put A Spell On You video almost done! Can't wait to share it with you all. 

- Awesome night with the Crazy Town boys BABABNG! Come my lady, come come my lady, you my butterfly...🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽

Oct 2019

- Nov 24th BLOOD AND TEARS ALBUM RELEASE @ FOUFOUNES ELECTRIQUES w/ Playhouse, Cowboy Meets Pirate and Hexapheen.

- 'Dead Are Calling' hit the #1 position on the Rock / Pop Rock Charts on WNYR Newyork and held that position for an impressive period of time in the month of March 2019. Chart position was established by director input, number of spins, listener requests and station tune-ins! You guys frikkin ROCk, Thank you! 

- Nov 3rd show with Crazy Town, Black Oxygen, Special Ops, Fatal Switch announced!

Sept 2019

SOLD OUT! A great show is 50% band and 50% audience. Thank you Montreal for an Awesome Rockin night yesterday!

Aug 2019

10 years ago today we finished this amazing album that took us places and showed us success that we had never been before. Sept 20 we will be celebrating this record at Piraña bar with Playhouse and Ol’ Man Jarvis. Come party with us!

July 2019

The last addition to the album is done! Its a surprise that will only be unveiled at the launch!

May 2019

Dead Are Calling hit the #1 position on the Rock / Pop Rock Charts for the Berkshire Media Group (KMIX LA & affiliates) in 2018! thanks for letting us know now! ;p 

April 2019

Were apparently on Heavy rotation on 150+ stations across the globe with Dead Are Calling! From North and South America to Japan and Australia, and everything in between. Thank you all so much for the support!


Dead Are Calling video also added to rotation on www.safari-video.com

Mar 2019

Artist kit collection now available at http://www.crossroadsartists.com


Dead Are Calling video also added to rotation on http://www.360-degreetv.com/

Aug 2018 

Viral Phase Video, a Europe-focused music video channel, has added ‘Dead Are Calling’ to their playlist! Dead Are Calling is now in European venues such as gyms, cinemas, restaurants, bars, corporate and hotel lobbies. Who would have thought! Check them out at: www.viral-phase.com

Aug 2018 

Dead Are Calling video is now in rotation on Gravity One Music Video Network. Check it out!


July 2018 

Always awesome to stumble upon things like this. Thanks Bedard

May 2018 

Wally Thornhill eats SO MUCH FRIKKIN SUSHI that Japanese radio put us on Heavy rotation! Thank you JXFM & T-Pulse 200 Radio, Tokyo & Osaka, for the awesome support! we promise Wally will continue to maintain a 90% Sushi diet!

April 2018 

16 - Dead Are Calling wins best Alt Rock song on The Akademia Music Awards!
A huge thank you to our team and supporters!

Mar 2018 

12 - Another station has adds Dead Are Calling to their rotation! Check out WBTX The Beat Chicago www.beatxr.com

Feb 2018 

28 - PureGrainAudiohat reveals  what you didn't know about the band!



"Drawing on rich musical roots, personal instinct and a healthy dose of alternative rock, Special Ops brings a style all their own- and fans of their new single ‘Dead Are Calling’ all across the world are loving it."

http://www.marquix.tv/features/SpecialOps-DeadAreCalling.html also featured in http://www.invivo-media.com/features/SpecialOps-DeadAreCalling.html & http://www.now-entertainment.tv/features/SpecialOps-DeadAreCalling10.html

"A refreshing cut in an oversped genre, 'Dead Are Calling' calls on gorgeous vocal talents and original instrumental stylings to better engage the listener."

"the remarkable Salt...the reason to listen to this ep and get to know Canadian rockers."


"Montreal Rockers SPECIAL OPS Have Their Own TOP 10 Ways to Survive a Tour [Exclusive]"


"Like Special Ops, the video kicks ass, gives no quarter and takes no prisoners... Special Ops has it going on! “Baby Take It All” is real rock and roll: raw, arrogant and in your face. This is a great song and an excellent video. I like it!" - Huffington Post

"Their creative impulse is one part measured criticism, one part unadulterated rage... Their albums reflect as much, reveling in social critiques that relent only when A.K.’s singing dissolves into frustrated screams. The single is their first step towards a brighter, more radio-friendly sound, yet still maintains their throaty, hard rock edge." - alternativeaddiction

"As seen by the music video above, these guys bring the timeless heavy rock groove of bands like Monster Magnet, and Eagles of Death Metal, so you're know you're in for a good time." - MetalInjection

"These dudes use a mix of vintage and modern gear, from classic Charvel guitars to custom Warwick fretless basses. As their guitarist and singer AK Johnson says, “We’re somewhat of gearholics”. Sounds like they’ll be right at home here." - Gear Gods

“Special Ops has my attention, and they should have yours, too. They’ve got it going on! We can only hope they get down to the U.S. for a tour soon and, hopefully, to the Left Coast. Excellent stuff!" – Huffington Post

"SPECIAL OPS, QUEBEC’S CONTRIBUTION TO THE ROCK WORLD IS BEYOND EXCEPTIONAL! ...Not only was the sound stunningly amazing, but it went a good distance to show the band’s fun-loving attitude they have towards each other, and their fans. These guys are the true definition of what it means to be music artists and performers."- Popit Records

"This eclectic, hard rock band is “creeping” into the rock mainstream media one powerful vocal barrage at a time." - Groovytracks

“The new release is a sweet mix of thumping rhythmic, catchy vibrations and unparalleled musical talent thought lost to the world of synthetic beats." - Buzzfeed

" you need to catch them live to hear any of their new material, and being fuelled by their want to succeed, their music sounds better than ever." - Montreal Rocks

"Blood and Tears is a pure Metal outside the box gem. You won't come across something this unique and different everyday"

- CKUT 90.3 FM

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