July 2020

- More and more dates coming in! This is getting exciting! As long as our gouv. doesn't cock block the travel this tour is looking like its going to be a BLAST!

-New tunes almost done! Will they be ready before the tour??? hmmmmm!

June 2020

- We just might be able to salvage the Euro tour after all! Things are opening up and venues are allowed to book again in certain regions. (open borders pending ;p) Thank you to Killsound productions and everyone who is busting theirs cajones to get this going!!

-  Cracked out song writing sessions with the Thunder from down under Leon Harrison (The Lazys, Bandwagon etc...). Some new awesome tunes on their way! Gotta do something with this isolation thing!  Lovin' it!🤟🤟🤟

April/May 2020

-  Times like these push relationships to their absolute limits.This one is for all of those going through the trenches of their four walled world. Stay strong!

Mar 2020

-  First we lost our Europe tour, then our western Canadian one is getting cancelled/pushed, our live stream show from CJLO got cut by the University who shut everything down! Live entertainment is getting cancelled everywhere due to the spread of the Covid - 19 Virus. We are going to figure things out in the coming days, but for the time being thank you all for understanding. 

- The secret is out of the bag. Special Ops added to the Phoenix Take Over Festival Lineup!

- Live on CJLO 1690 am tune in!

- Finally on Pandora. https://www.pandora.com/artist/special-ops/ARkPhJZ65V5chdP
Sorry, due to a lack of toilet paper Pandora has decided not to provide its services to Canada. 

Feb 2020

-Charting on CHSR 97.9 fm LOUD and CJLO 1690 am. the secret is out of the bag. London move over, let the Special Ops Phoenix Take Over! 😜😜🤟🏼

- Special Ops suffer blowout en route to Sherebrooke, extended the set list to make up for the delay. 

- Thank you CFNJ and Chinese Cookie for being the first Quebec station to play I Put A Spell On You.

- So apparently Special Ops tunes have been blasting in 36 countries in Europe via Satellite Radio on Indiemusic Radio! (Albania, Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, North  Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic , Romania , Western Russia , Slovakia, Slovenia , Sweden , Switzerland, Turkey , Ukraine)

- Special Ops charting on World Indie Music Charts, Eruo Indie charts and DRT Rock incie charts! Keep requesting!  

- Metal Devastation Radio's spot light on I Put A Spell On You Video! Link in the Press section bellow

- It’s an honour to be on there next to Testament, Wolf Pakk, Steel Prophet and Wolfen!
Merci/Thanks Vianocturna! 🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼


- EMSU Media says AK Johnson is a Madman! https://www.emsumedia.com/post/be-captivated-with-special-ops-music-video-cover-i-put-a-spell-on-you-screamin-jay-hawkins?fbclid=IwAR03tq3do9XP7JHOaGhd2DsEH8tmCl7KunLQXeHlaVbyt-MQOpYHBc7aJDE


"Si todavía no lo pudiste escuchar, acá lo tenés, solo dale al play y subí el volumen. Es una presentación exclusiva de Zone Nights para Argentina.




"SPECIAL OPS does this classic justice with their full frontal loud attitude that demands your attention" 


"We wanted to pay tribute to Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, one of the founders of Rock N Roll"


"The album is the band’s fourth studio album, which was received very well by fans"


"This song is about my relationship with the music industry, how it just keeps messing with you... but you just keep going back for more"


"Be Captivated With SPECIAL OPS’ Music Video Cover ‘I Put A Spell On You’ "


"wanted to pay tribute to Screamin' Jay Hawkins, one of the founders of Rock N Roll as we know it today"


"with a madman at the front of the stage backed up by a powerhouse wall of sound!"


"La banda SPECIAL OPS de Canadá nos presenta: ‘I Put A Spell On You’. Conocelos!"


"Drawing on rich musical roots, personal instinct and a healthy dose of alternative rock, Special Ops brings a style all their own- and fans of their new single ‘Dead Are Calling’ all across the world are loving it."

http://www.marquix.tv/features/SpecialOps-DeadAreCalling.html also featured in http://www.invivo-media.com/features/SpecialOps-DeadAreCalling.html & http://www.now-entertainment.tv/features/SpecialOps-DeadAreCalling10.html

"A refreshing cut in an oversped genre, 'Dead Are Calling' calls on gorgeous vocal talents and original instrumental stylings to better engage the listener."

"the remarkable Salt...the reason to listen to this ep and get to know Canadian rockers."


"Montreal Rockers SPECIAL OPS Have Their Own TOP 10 Ways to Survive a Tour [Exclusive]"


"Like Special Ops, the video kicks ass, gives no quarter and takes no prisoners... Special Ops has it going on! “Baby Take It All” is real rock and roll: raw, arrogant and in your face. This is a great song and an excellent video. I like it!" - Huffington Post

"Their creative impulse is one part measured criticism, one part unadulterated rage... Their albums reflect as much, reveling in social critiques that relent only when A.K.’s singing dissolves into frustrated screams. The single is their first step towards a brighter, more radio-friendly sound, yet still maintains their throaty, hard rock edge." - alternativeaddiction

"As seen by the music video above, these guys bring the timeless heavy rock groove of bands like Monster Magnet, and Eagles of Death Metal, so you're know you're in for a good time." - MetalInjection

"These dudes use a mix of vintage and modern gear, from classic Charvel guitars to custom Warwick fretless basses. As their guitarist and singer AK Johnson says, “We’re somewhat of gearholics”. Sounds like they’ll be right at home here." - Gear Gods

“Special Ops has my attention, and they should have yours, too. They’ve got it going on! We can only hope they get down to the U.S. for a tour soon and, hopefully, to the Left Coast. Excellent stuff!" – Huffington Post

"SPECIAL OPS, QUEBEC’S CONTRIBUTION TO THE ROCK WORLD IS BEYOND EXCEPTIONAL! ...Not only was the sound stunningly amazing, but it went a good distance to show the band’s fun-loving attitude they have towards each other, and their fans. These guys are the true definition of what it means to be music artists and performers."- Popit Records

"This eclectic, hard rock band is “creeping” into the rock mainstream media one powerful vocal barrage at a time." - Groovytracks

“The new release is a sweet mix of thumping rhythmic, catchy vibrations and unparalleled musical talent thought lost to the world of synthetic beats." - Buzzfeed

" you need to catch them live to hear any of their new material, and being fuelled by their want to succeed, their music sounds better than ever." - Montreal Rocks

"Blood and Tears is a pure Metal outside the box gem. You won't come across something this unique and different everyday"

- CKUT 90.3 FM

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