Special Ops returned with a fresh new album dubbed “Blood And Tears”. In this self-produced 9th release to be followed by the second single Dead Are Calling before the full length album and last single I Put A Spell On You, along with Grammy & Multi Platinum award winning Producer Steve Pageot, Mixing engineer Darius Szezepaniak and Mastering engineer Kevin Jardin, Special Ops capture jaw dropping tracks that display a fusion of the members’ diverse cultures.


They beat cancer twice, had a drummer jump out of a moving van, their guitar player barely made a getaway out of Egypt to escape political detention, almost froze to death when they ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere in the middle of Canadian winter, their RV lost all lights while driving in the middle of the Rockies at 3 am and they kept going using a flash light out the window! They have been at it for 9 releases and will never stop! "With their full frontal loud attitude that demands your attention, a madman at the front of the stage backed up by a powerhouse wall of sound" Special Ops have in less than 6 months,  unleashed 2 direct hits to follow up to their award winning “Through The Heart Of The Infidel” and successful single “Pressure” as well as older success’s like “Anger” chosen as the theme song for “The Sid Cycle Show” (Global/Spike/Men TV). 


“BLOOD AND TEARS” captures the hearts and minds of those who have struggled in protest and demonstrates the trial and tribulations they as a band have seen. Everything from one member’s cancer ordeal through tour to lost loves to industry drama that the everyday artist struggles with. Special Ops bring forward in their international collective an explosive return to their unique brand of brand of Rock.

Accomplishments & Awards

•  I Put A Spell On You #12 on World Indie Music Charts 04-12-2020

  • I Put A Spell On You #46 on Euro Indie Music Charts 04-12-2020

  • Blood And Tears #06 on CJLO  03-06-2020

  • Blood And Tears #08 on CHSR  02-18-2020

  • I Put A Spell On You #13 on DRT GLOBAL TOP 50 ROCK AIRPLAY CHART 03-04-2020

• I Put A Spell On You #104 on DRT GLOBAL TOP 150 INDEPENDENT AIRPLAY CHART 01-06-2020

• Dead Are Calling hit the #1 position on the Rock / Pop Rock Charts (Berkshire Media Group (KMIX LA & affiliates) 2018

• Dead Are Calling hit the #1 position on the Rock / Pop Rock Charts on WNYR Newyork 2018

  • Rotation on 150+ Radio stations world wide (Satelite, FM, AM and Digital) 2020

• Winner – Best Alt Rock song - Dead Are Calling 2018

• Take It All Tour Endorsements by Godin, Serin Bass, Autopsy Report radio show, 247 Inkmag, ++

• Winner – Best Provincial Rock Video – Pressure

  • Through The Heart of The Infidel #16 on CFBX 92.5FM 06-06-2010

• Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards 2009

• Independent Music Awards winner -  Through The Heart…2009

• Winner – Best Metal Group – New Music Awards 2009

• Nominated at Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards 2008

- Best Rock song, Best Rock Album, Best Rock Group)

• “Anger is Creeping”- Charts # 2 - CSCR – Toronto

• Loud Chart – December 1st , 2008

Music Placements

  • In Vivo Media - Feature Cover Story 2019

  • Phenom Studios - Placement caters to the Western Europe region

  • 360 Degree TV - Dead Are Calling playlist placement 2019

  • ww.safari-video.com - an avant garde video channel targeting Australia & New Zealand

  • Now Entertainment - Feature story 2019

  • Focal Point - Feature story 2018

• Viral Phase Video - Dead Are Calling playlist placement including - gyms, cinemas, restaurants, bars etc... 2018

• Marquix Global Network - Feature Cover Story 2018

• Gravity One Music Video Network - Dead Are Calling playlist placement 2018

• 247inkmag.com - 6 page exclusive, full page add, banners on rotation 2017

• Alternative Addiction –  6 week feature and banner on rotation 2017

• Metal Injection – Baby Take it All one week placement on home page as well as side banners 2017

• "Gear Gods Show" Special Ops show off the goods! 2017

• Pressure Video Hawaii Airlines, H&M U.S. retail chain and many more over 3 million hits in total 2010

• Annabelle Cosmetics Promotional Video 2009 - How to

Create Custom QUAD FOXY Browns Look

• “Sid’s Cycle Show” 2007-08

Season 1&2, Global, Men TV, Showcase Action, Spike (+2 million viewers)-  Anger Is Creeping – Theme Song -  Phase 2: Amidst The Madness – used as TV


• CTV – Whistler (2006)

• MTV - The N (2006)

• CBC - “Rock Your World” 2006

• “Pick Up The Pieces” - Lollipop Magazine Compilation,

30 000+ CD’s distributed w/ magazine

• “Pick Up The Pieces” - In Doom We Trust Compilation

CD, 10 000+ distributed in North America


Past Festivals & Tours

• Blood And Tears Tour  2020 (Cancelled/Postponed - Covid - 19)

  • Take it All Tour 2018

• Tangents Qc Tour 2017

•Through The Heart US/CAN Tour 2010

• Amidst The Madness Tour Cross Canada Tour 2007-2008

• In Search Of Madness Cross Canada Tour 2005 - 2006

• CANADA DAY 2003-2009 (Two Mountains),

• Bryce Fest - Winnipeg - 2005

• M.O.M. Fest - 2004-2005

• Montreal Music Fest - 2003

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