“Special Ops deliver a mammoth sound in the form of heavy distorted guitars and contagious rhythms.”

– Fazer Magazine

“Multi-faceted” is the best term to define Special Ops, because they can do damn near anything they want, and do it well.”

– HardRock Haven

Special Ops has my attention, and they should have yours, too. They’ve got it going on! We can only hope they get down to the U.S. for a tour soon and, hopefully, to the Left Coast. Excellent stuff!" 

– Huffington Post

"Blood and Tears is a pure Metal outside the box gem. You won't come across something this unique and different everyday"

- CKUT 90.3 FM

"If straight up rock is your thing then Special Ops is a band you should keep in mind. The band's third release is a lesson for any rock band thinking of changing style - rock still reigns supreme."

- Skunk Magazine

"As seen by the music video above, these guys bring the timeless heavy rock groove of bands like Monster Magnet, and Eagles of Death Metal, so you're know you're in for a good time." - Metal Injection

"SPECIAL OPS, QUEBEC’S CONTRIBUTION TO THE ROCK WORLD IS BEYOND EXCEPTIONAL! ...Not only was the sound stunningly amazing, but it went a good distance to show the band’s fun-loving attitude they have towards each other, and their fans. These guys are the true definition of what it means to be music artists and performers."- Popit Records

“Radio-ready rock that oozes youth rebellion, angst and tormented urban decadence at every turn… Special Ops will appeal to many.”

- Hour /Ottawa Express -

“All the best elements of contagious rhythm, heavy beats and distorted guitars."

- Glasswerk (UK)

“The new release is a sweet mix of thumping rhythmic, catchy vibrations and unparalleled musical talent thought lost to the world of synthetic beats." - Buzzfeed

"This eclectic, hard rock band is “creeping” into the rock mainstream media one powerful vocal barrage at a time." - Groovytracks

"A refreshing cut in an oversped genre, 'Dead Are Calling' calls on gorgeous vocal talents and original instrumental stylings to better engage the listener."

– The Akademia Awards

   Waldo Thornhill – Bass                        Manuel Bessette – Drums                          Chris Groulx  - Guitar                          Ak Johnson – Guitar & Vocals                  



RELEASE DATE – Nov. 2019


• All songs Written, Recorded & Produced by Special Ops at BBP Studios, Montreal

• Mixed at Iguana Studios – Engineered and Additional production – Darius Szezepaniak

• Mastered at Uplift Studios by Kevin Jardine

  • I Put A Spell On You  -  Produced and Edited by Steve Pageot

• Supported by Canadian Tour

• Available Worldwide on CD Baby, Spotify & Apple Music etc...


Special Ops returned with a fresh new album dubbed “Blood And Tears”. In this self-produced 8th release to be followed by the second single Dead Are Calling before the full length album and last single I Put A Spell On You, along with Grammy award winning Producer Steve Pageot, Mixing engineer Darius Szezepaniak and Mastering engineer Kevin Jardin, Special Ops capture jaw dropping tracks that display a fusion of the members’ diverse cultures.


From Ak Johnson’s Fierce Melodic Vocals and backed by a well-armed rhythm section of Chris Groulx's intricate Jazz, blues and metal influences of guitar and strumming and Waldo Thornhill’s thumping Bass, and drummer Manuel Bessette’s pounding fury. Special Ops have, in less than 6 months,  unleashed 2 direct hits to follow up to their award winning “Through The Heart Of The Infidel” and successful single “Pressure” as well as older success’s like “Anger” chosen as the theme song for “The Sid Cycle Show” (Global/Spike/Men TV). 

“BLOOD AND TEARS” captures the hearts and minds of those who have struggled in protest and demonstrates the trial and tribulations they as a band have seen. Everything from one member’s cancer ordeal through tour to lost loves to industry drama that the everyday artist struggles with. Special Ops bring forward in their international collective an explosive return to their unique brand of brand of Rock.

Accomplishments & Awards

• I Put A Spell On You #16 on DRT GLOBAL TOP 50 ROCK AIRPLAY CHART 01-11-2020

• I Put A Spell On You #104 on DRT GLOBAL TOP 150 INDEPENDENT AIRPLAY CHART 01-06-2020

• Dead Are Calling hit the #1 position on the Rock / Pop Rock Charts (Berkshire Media Group (KMIX LA & affiliates) 2018

• Dead Are Calling hit the #1 position on the Rock / Pop Rock Charts on WNYR Newyork 2018

  • Heavy Rotation on 150+ Radio stations world wide 2019

• Winner – Best Alt Rock song - Dead Are Calling 2018

• Take It All Tour Endorsements by Godin, Serin Bass, Autopsy Report radio show, 247 Inkmag, ++

• Winner – Best Provincial Rock Video – Pressure

• Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards 2009

• Independent Music Awards winner -  Through The Heart…2009

• Winner – Best Metal Group – New Music Awards 2009

• Nominated at Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards 2008

- Best Rock song, Best Rock Album, Best Rock Group)

• “Anger is Creeping”- Charts # 2 - CSCR – Toronto

• Loud Chart – December 1st , 2008

Music Placements

• In Vivo Media - Feature Cover Story 2019

  • Akademia US, Russian & Thai, licensing - film & television studios and public relations in Thailand

  • Phenom Studios - Placement caters to the Western Europe region

  • 360 Degree TV - Dead Are Calling playlist placement 2019

  • ww.safari-video.com - an avant garde video channel targeting Australia & New Zealand

  • Now Entertainment - Feature story 2019

  • Focal Point - Feature story 2018

• Viral Phase Video - Dead Are Calling playlist placement including - gyms, cinemas, restaurants, bars etc... 2018

• Marquix Global Network - Feature Cover Story 2018

• Gravity One Music Video Network - Dead Are Calling playlist placement 2018

• 247inkmag.com - 6 page exclusive, full page add, banners on rotation 2017

• Alternative Addiction –  6 week feature and banner on rotation 2017

• Metal Injection – Baby Take it All one week placement on home page as well as side banners 2017

• "Gear Gods Show" Special Ops show off the goods! 2017

Pressure Video Hawaii Airlines, H&M U.S. retail chain and many more over 3 million hits in total 2010

• Annabelle Cosmetics Promotional Video 2009 - How to

Create Custom QUAD FOXY Browns Look

• “Sid’s Cycle Show” 2007-08

Season 1&2, Global, Men TV, Showcase Action, Spike (+2 million viewers)-  Anger Is Creeping – Theme Song -  Phase 2: Amidst The Madness – used as TV


• CTV – Whistler (2006)

• MTV - The N (2006)

• CBC - “Rock Your World” 2006


Past Festivals & Tours

• Take it All Tour 2018

• Tangents Qc Tour 2017

•Through The Heart US/CAN Tour 2010

• Amidst The Madness Tour Cross Canada Tour 2007-2008

• In Search Of Madness Cross Canada Tour 2005 - 2006

• CANADA DAY 2003-2009 (Two Mountains),

• Bryce Fest - Winnipeg - 2005

• M.O.M. Fest - 2004-2005

• Montreal Music Fest - 2003

• “Pick Up The Pieces” - Lollipop Magazine Compilation,

30 000+ CD’s distributed w/ magazine

• “Pick Up The Pieces” - In Doom We Trust Compilation

CD, 10 000+ distributed in North America



2019 - Blood And Tears (Nov 2019)

2017 – Baby Take it All single

2016 – Tangents EP 

2012 – Live and Kicking

2009 – Through The Heart OfThe Infidel

2009 – Pressure single

2007 – Phase 2: Amidst The Madness

2005 – Phase 1: In Search of Madness

2003 – Emily EP

Social Media







Apple Music

Management - Sam Odeh




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